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There is only one success--to be able to spend your life in your own way.-Christopher Morley
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October 18
It's the middle of October 2013, and it feels like we're living life in fast-forward. I could swear that it was just summer, when we drove the Sweet Sweetheart to camp, while the Good Boy started his first job, at the age of 12, as a counselor-trainee at a local day camp. A few weeks later, we delivered them both to a sleep-away camp in Malibu, and then a few weeks after that, we all flew out to Florida to celebrate our cousin (nephews)'s Bar Mitzvah, and to help with construction on my Mom's new home in Boca Raton. Oh,... [More...]

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September 12
Disclaimer: My wife would most likely advise me not to publish this story. She would be correct about that, of course, not only because she's smarter (and better looking) than me, but because she's always right about these things. So, having said that, here goes: I'm driving down Mulholland toward the freeway. It's about 10am on a beautiful, sunny day on a particularly picturesque part of the San Fernando Valley. The road winds down the edge of a mountain, following its contour, and I get a glimpse of God's country. Actually, I know it's probably NOT God's country because of the... [More...]

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June 20
I'm driving down Corbin Avenue in Northridge, CA, something I do every so... Never. It's not a bad place, actually. It's just that I usually don't have any reason to be there. Except today. My Mom is in town for a two-week visit and I've just driven her to a lecture given by a friend of hers. It's a hot day in Southern California and the sun is bright, yet it's "just" around 90 degrees, not more. It hasn't rained here in several months, and probably won't for several more. But that's okay -- I like it like this. I'm in... [More...]

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February 20
And so, my friends, once again we find ourselves sharing our home with a member of the household who walks around naked all day and pees freely in the yard. No, it's not me (thankfully). It's Indy (like Indiana Jones), our new female German Shepherd who bears more than a little resemblance to a wolf, but is gentle as a lamb. Actually, I have to admit that I have some doubts that she's really a dog, because of the following observations: 1. She hasn't attempted to eat my children. 2. She hasn't attempted to eat me, my wife, or any of our... [More...]

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January 24
It was sometime around 7pm on Friday December 21st, 2012 when I got the news. Our family had just sat down for our traditional Friday night dinner, and the phone rang. I walked over to the kitchen and answered the call, though I'm not sure why I did, considering that usually I would not have interrupted dinner with the family. I could see the call was from a blocked number, which is unusual. "This is David," I said in a somewhat formal tone, not knowing if it was a business or personal call. "Hi," said the voice and introduced himself. It was my... [More...]

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