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Review: A Cow Jumped Over The Moon

Address: 421 N. Rodeo Dr., Beverly Hills, CA, 90210

Phone: (310) 274-4269

Certification: Kehilla

Cuisine: Kosher, Japanese, Italian

Online: Restaurant Website

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Nice Atmosphere, Good Food
By David (Reviewer Website)
December 15, 2009

I arrived at The Cow on a Sunday night at dinner time. My friend Jonathan was in town, and we were in the general vicinity, so we decided to stop by.

The best aspect of The Cow Jumped Over the Moon is its location. There is no better location in Beverly Hills, and probably no better location in all of Los Angeles. Parking was very convenient, as there is public parking in the building. Very reasonably priced valet. The location is basically in the heart of Beverly Hills, right near One Rodeo Drive. This means that the restaurant is surrounded by a super select bunch of stores and good class people.

The atmosphere at The Cow is pleasant. Itís elegant without being too elegant, so youíd feel comfortable whether dressed for business or in jeans. Thereís a setup for live music although none was playing while we were there. Thatís OK -- the noise from a large family with young children provided enough audio stimulationÖ

The Cow Jumped Over the Moon is a dairy restaurant and its specialty is really kosher sushi. There is also a reasonable selection of Italian and American entrees, as well as a decent selection of appetizers. We ordered an eggplant pizza to split as an appetizer, and it was a good thing we split it, as it was basically a full-blown meal by itself. Although the service was good, it did take quite a while to get the appetizer. In the meantime, there was a bread basket.

Both Jonathan and I wound up ordering the Salmon Puttanesca. It was a good-size piece of salmon, grilled, on a bed of steamed vegetables and mashed potatoes. The salmon was topped with a tomato-based puttanesca sauce with capers. We asked for the salmon to be well done (cooked through and through), and it arrived just as we ordered it. It was a nice dish with a good balance of flavors and it was satisfying, although not overly exciting. I would probably order it again, but I donít crave it as is the case with exceptionally good dishes.

During the meal we were asked several times if everything was to our satisfaction and it was.

When I asked the waiter what the house specialty would be, he explained that the main attraction was the sushi, especially the Sunshine Roll.

Great location, good service, and good food.

I was hoping for something truly exceptional and did not find it.

Rating: 8 out of 10. 8 out of 10


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