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Review: European Corner Cafe

Address: 7300 W Camino Real, Boca Raton FL 33433

Phone: (561) 395-1109

Certification: O.R.B

Cuisine: Kosher, Various

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Good restaurant....rude customers
October 10, 2009

This was my first experience at a Kosher restaurant...I went with my husband and kids. Pizza was great, staff was funny and having a good time but they were all friendly and helpful and the dining room was pretty neat with the murial of Europe. There was a table of 4 sitting next to us and these customers couldn't be any more rude to the staff. From the minute they sat down they did nothing but complain...here are some of the comments that we overheard;

"The prices are high"

"This restaurant should give salads and soups for FREE to the guests"

"Our server is singing"

Here are my suggestions to anyone who is reading this....
#1 - If you can't afford to dine out or expect to only pay $10.00 than stay home and have a microwave dinner

#2 - Don't expect free soups or salads.....do you think the owner of the restaurant gets that stuff for free...It's a business people, they are there to make money

#3 - Since when is it a crime to have fun at work...if the staff is singing or dancing or even doing cartwheels in the dining room then good for them...having fun at your job is a great thing....

So if you are reading other reviews that state the owner or staff is rude than I would probably bet my life that the customer(s) were 3 times more rude to start with!!!!

Great food, nice murial, energetic staff

We couldn't order a large pizza for the family....but if that's the policy than it is what it is.....What gives anyone the right to question someones policies.

Rating: 9 out of 10. 9 out of 10


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