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Pho-King Delicious
By David
Posted June 20, 2013

I'm driving down Corbin Avenue in Northridge, CA, something I do every so... Never. It's not a bad place, actually. It's just that I usually don't have any reason to be there. Except today. My Mom is in town for a two-week visit and I've just driven her to a lecture given by a friend of hers.

It's a hot day in Southern California and the sun is bright, yet it's "just" around 90 degrees, not more. It hasn't rained here in several months, and probably won't for several more. But that's okay -- I like it like this.

I'm in the car with my wife and kids, who are on summer vacation for the past week and haven't yet started camp. We're searching for the locally famous Northridge Mall, where we will be having lunch and taking in the sights and sounds of just about every brand-name store in the country, and the hordes of shoppers who faithfully fill them.

But I'm not exactly sure where we are in relation to the mall, so I look for a convenient place to pull over so I can consult my car's GPS. Did I mention how glad I am that the days of asking hapless strangers for directions are long gone?

Around us the traffic is heavy, and it takes a moment until I find a convenient driveway that leads to a strip mall where I can safely pull over. As I do, I notice a sign on a restaurant that proclaims: Pho-King Delicious Vietnamese Cuisine.

With a name like that, it had better be totally amazing!
With a name like that, it had better be totally amazing!

I start laughing.

Beautiful Eema and the kids look at me curiously, as I smile broadly and tell them I've got to get out of the car and snap a picture of the sign.

Now they start laughing, too.

"Pho-King amazing!" says the Good Boy with a huge grin.

"Pho-King awesome!" counters the Sweet Sweetheart.

By this time, we're all laughing in the car and the Pho-King Delicious restaurant's customers who evidently have enjoyed some Pho-King lip-smacking food, trickle out the door and look at us like we've lost our minds. Oh, well... I guess that if you eat Pho-King Delicious food regularly, you might just be so mesmerized that you lose your sense of admiration for the huge Pho-King sign that looms large overhead.

So, at a time when small businesses desperately need to distinguish themselves from the competition, this one truly outdoes the rest. If I ever come back here again, I'll make sure to drop in for the Pho-King Vietnamese feast, not just to use its parking spot for a quick GPS lookup. I promise.

Of course, as we drive away, it occurrs to me that my kids are way too young to appreciate this type of humor. But I guess that's just wishful thinking on my part, and if I truly believed that, I'd be Pho-King mistaken.

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