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Back To School
By David
Posted August 22, 2012

Three... Two... One... And we're back! Back to school, that is. The Sweet Sweetheart is now a fifth grader and the Good Boy has now started a new school, as he began middle school today.

Starting a new school is rarely easy for kids, and this is the second new school the Good Boy has attended in a year. Last year, we made the switch from private school to public school and it was an excellent move, and an extremely easy transition for both our children. In fact, just last night, out of the blue, the Good Boy thanked me for making the switch.

But the new school he attended only goes through fifth grade and now, a year later, he's starting middle school pretty much across the street from his grade school. This was all part of our plan, which was to move to a new school district with superior schools, and switch the children last year so that they could make friends in grade school who will continue with them into middle school, then high-school. New places are much easier to navigate with old, familiar faces all around.

Sure enough, the Good Boy came home from his first day in middle school in a great mood. The entire experience was orderly, the children well-behaved (so far), and happy to see each other (also, so far). The teachers seem to be a good bunch -- professional and friendly to the parents and students. So, it all seems very promising.

I know I've said this before, but I'm reminded of it today again: For the past 5 years, we agonized over whether to make the switch from a private Jewish day school to public school. A good part of our free time was spent considering the pros and cons. But now, seeing what public school is like in a good school district, in a good neighborhood, I only regret not switching the children sooner.

I guess I can say that fathers rock!
I guess I can say that fathers rock!

As an amusing perk of both Beautiful Eema and I both picking up the kids on their first day of school, we had a celebrity encounter on the way to school. Living near the heart of the entertainment industry, from time to time we bump into interesting people, even here in our sleepy little town.

Today, after lunch we were on our way to pick up the Good Boy, when we saw a convertible Ferrari up ahead. I was making a left turn and the Ferrari was making a right turn, so we were briefly facing each other. Since he had the right of way, I yielded, and he turned first, then I turned right after.

The man driving the convertible had long black hair, arms covered with tattoos and a thin line of black hair running up the middle of his chin.

I thought I recognized him as Tommy Lee from one of my favorite 80's heavy metal bands, Motley Crue and thought that time sure took a toll on him, but he must be doing well to be driving a brand new convertible Ferrari.

So we both continue in the same direction and he catches the tail end of a light and disappears, as I stop for the light. A little while later, we arrive at the Good Boy's school. As we pull into the school's driveway, I see the convertible Ferrari pulling out, facing us with a middle school girl in it.

Turns out, it was not Tommy Lee but Nikki Sixx. At least I got the band right. But, I can swear that Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx are one and same person...

Nice to see that even famous rock star fathers show up to pick up their children!

Anyway, for dinner on the first day of school, The Good Boy has requested a sandwich made of shredded barbecued chicken in a toasted ciabatta roll. So I'll soon fire up the grill and get some chicken marinated in barbecue sauce with a shot of hot sauce added. Then, when it's cooked, Beautiful Eema will chop it up and add another layer of Barbecue sauce while I toast up the Ciabatta. For good measure, I might oven-bake some French Fries. When served, the Good Boy will dip it in a puddle of hot sauce and enjoy it to the max.

On the other hand, The Sweet Sweetheart will thumb her nose at this meal, and ask to eat something different. She views anything barbecued as a total waste of otherwise good food. So Beautiful Eema will then most likely leave her dinner to get cold while making some other meal for the Sweet Sweetheart.

I'm a picky eater myself, so I can't really complain. Well, at least I can't legitimately complain...

And so ends the back-to-school day of 2012. Two good kids, two dinners, two tired parents. So what's new...

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