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Dog Days Are Here
By David
Posted November 24, 2010

I'm rubbing my eyes, which can barely stay open, and I realize that I'm sleep deprived. For the past week and a half, Beautiful Eema and I have been waking up at ungodly hours of the night, hoping not to see dog poop. Well, I guess that requires some explanation...

Ten days ago we pull into a parking lot in Burbank, the SUV filled with family and an empty dog crate. There are two other famillies eagerly waiting in their vehicles nearby. We're all there to meet a dog breeder from Oregon who has driven 11.5 hours to deliver three anxious purebred Labrador Retriever pups to three anxious local families.

It suddenly occurs to me that this is the very first moment we'd spend with our new family companion, and the very last moment of peace and quiet for quite some time. I draw a deep breath and hand the puppy over to my children, the Good Boy and the Sweet Sweetheart. They hug and kiss her lovingly and immediately fall in love with her. Now there's no turning back...

Anyway, back to the poop. If anyone is considering buying a puppy, they'd better be ready to deal with all the special gifts the puppy will happily give, many of them in pile form. There is no escape, it's just part of having a dog. The name of the game is to make sure that those gifts are only produced outside the house, in a single designated spot, at predictable intervals. I'm just so not into surprises when it comes to this topic...

Of course, before getting Boca the puppy, we searched high and low for a dog breed that doesn't poop or pee, but, alas, could not find one, so here we are trying desperately to house-train our new house guest. Come to think of it, we've already gained a new appreciation for any other house guests who are able to use the restroom, wipe, and flush by themselves without our knowledge or involvement...

The Sweet Sweetheart
The Sweet Sweetheart's sketch of Boca the puppy

* * *

Well, by now it's been a month of Boca. For the past two weeks she's been house-trained, happily sleeping all night, and things are a lot more relaxed around here. Good thing, too, as we're super busy with work.

As a Labrador Retriever, Boca "The Mouth" has gained no less than about three pounds per week. Yep, that's per WEEK -- not month. And, while we've caught up on some much-needed sleep, she's still a handful, requiring lots of attention and exercise. She's almost intensely sociable, loves to fetch a ball but, mainly, she's shaping up to be a big part of our kid's lives -- a friend they knew almost from birth. She still lives in our kitchen, but probably in a matter of a few more weeks she'll have access to the family room once she stops attempting to eat our furniture, floor, walls, and the children's classmates.

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