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The Week That Was
By David
Posted November 30, 2009

In a few minutes, the sweet, beautiful ladies of our family will rush out the door. They will head into the garage, buckle up in the car, and drive quickly to one of the local dance studios. There, the Sweet Sweetheart will join a class of other young ladies, all dressed in matching dance outfits and Jazz shoes. She will follow the new dance moves, twirl to the music and take in the choreography like a sponge fills with water. For the next hour, my daughter will be a glamorous movie star, aspiring Broadway actress, graceful ballerina, and rock star, all rolled into one sweet package of limitless energy. She will do all this in a large room with polished wood floors surrounded by metal rails which the young dancers will hold for balance.

In the back, there is a wide, rectangular glass window behind which the mothers will peer into the dance studio, each searching then following their own little bundle of joy. Beautiful Eema will be one of those women (although exceptionally pretty), and she will smile at the Sweet Sweetheart, feeling both proud and protective.

The ladies are gone now for a few minutes and while I breathe in the momentary silence, the Good Boy emerges victorious from his room. A huge smile hovers on his handsome face.

"I'm all done with my homework, Abba! I only have some reading left, then reading log, and that's it!"

"That's it?" I asked, allowing him to repeat and enjoy his announcement again.

Relaxing, actually.
Relaxing, actually.

"Yup. Just reading left!"

"Are you serious?"

"Yeah. Just about all done!"

"Fantastic! You are the ultimate homework hero!"

The Good Boy is proud and so am I, as I start preparing his dinner, or at least what passes for dinner around here when I'm in charge of making it.

For the next hour or so, the Good Boy will receive all my attention. His sister, aka, the competition, is out of the house, and he's here to enjoy being in the spotlight. That means a taste of candy, maybe some chips, time on the DS and Boy talk with his Abba. We'll chat about his favorite presents for Chanukah, his latest Pokemon game, his progress in Karate class, and his wish list of places to eat this weekend. That's what constitutes Boy talk these days around these parts.

Meanwhile, I'm finally on the mend. Apparently, someone must have thought that I ordered my Thanksgiving turkey dinner with a side of H1N1, because that's what I got. I didn't order it that way, though, really I didn't.

Well, overall, I must say that having the flu was very relaxing. I spent the week in my "man-cave" happily detached from doing childcare, and hardly missed any work time at all thanks to the long weekend and specialized management systems available to me.

The flu itself wasn't all that bad. I felt a little lethargic, but no big deal. No major headaches, and no nausea at all. My head had a slight "floating" sensation due to a very low fever, and I had an unpleasant cough, but it really just wasn't all that bad once I got the proper medicine.

I watched several pay-per-view and blu-ray movies on the large-screen TV, caught up on some episodes of Dexter and Curb Your Enthusiasm, and directed my business remotely. I sat around peacefully contemplating various investment opportunities, while watching the morning news in HD. I had great, fresh food and drinks served to me, and no pressure on me to do a thing.

I know it may sound weird to say, but now that I'm getting back to my routine, I kinda miss having that nice, relaxing flu...

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