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Birthday Party At The Oaks
By David
Posted October 26, 2009

Sunday was a beautiful day in Southern California. At 10:00 am, the temperature was just right. The sun shone brightly in a clear blue sky, and the grass at The Oaks of Calabasas was as green and perfectly groomed as can be. A group of young children played soccer, among them my son, and they squealed with delight as they chased the ball up and down the field. We were at a birthday party for the son of some friends of the family, and the feeling of a perfect day hung in the air.

All around us are beautiful homes, meticulously landscaped, with particularly expensive cars parked in their driveways. Mountains ring the neighborhood, and I notice how nicely the houses fit in with the natural beauty of the surrounding area. In the midst of such turbulent economic times, a neighborhood like this stands apart, exuding a feeling of plush comfort and tranquility. Outside, it's America...

As I stand there admiring the scenery, I can't help but wonder what distinguishes the residents of places like The Oaks of Calabasas from the average Joe. Once in a while a topic like this comes up in conversations with my friends as we discuss business. Almost inevitably, I hear explanations implying that highly successful people just got lucky or somehow took shortcuts to achieve their success. I don't know.

In my experience, people who have succeeded in business and/or in life in general, have done so with a lot of hard work. I have known those who inherited some money, but to maintain their lifestyle they've worked as hard as anyone else.

Surrounded by homes in the $2 million - $13 million range, I give credit where credit is due, and I feel glad that even in the middle of a serious economic downturn there are those whose hard work is being rewarded.

How Sweet It Is!
How Sweet It Is!

Suddenly the Good Boy approaches.

"I love you, Abba."

"I love you too."

I kiss his forehead, and the Good Boy runs back to rejoin the soccer game.

Behind me, my beautiful wife chats with a group of other parents from our children's Hebrew day school. As they exchange stories I can hear their good-natured laughter from time to time.

The Sweet Sweetheart is happily munching on freshly-baked mini-bourekas and as I watch her, she tilts her head slightly to one side and flashes a beautiful smile at me.

I feel the sensation of a gentle breeze caress my folded arms, and notice that the leaves of a manicured hedge are swaying. The temperature is absolutely perfect.

It occurs to me that I have no other place to go, nothing I need to do at that particular moment and, oddly enough, no reason to rush.

I take in a deep breath and slowly let it out.

Ahhh... Life is good.

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