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Recession? What Recession? Summer Vacations Are Here!
By David
Posted July 22, 2009

Once again, the summer is upon us. The sun is out, the clouds are gone, the birds are chirping, and... The economy is in shambles. There is an expression about the dog days of summer, and this year, it's particularly apropos.

For the children, though, summer is unaffected by the bad economy. For them, it's a time of forming new friendships at camp, experiencing adventures, and feeling more grown up as they prepare to enter higher grades when school resumes.

Every year, we reconsider the school our children attend, and likewise, we reconsider the summer camps they will attend. Our children's school is always on the verge of financial collapse, and even otherwise, it's questionable whether it's well suited for us, academically and socially. In terms of camp, our children's interests have evolved. This year, our son has shown an interest in attending a sports-oriented camp, and our daughter has chosen a dance camp.

Although our children's camps are local, they never join their friends from school, because those children always seem to be on summer vacation for weeks, even months. The more the parents kvetch about money worries and inability to pay the school's tuition, the more they take extended vacations.

Sure, there are certainly families who are careful in their spending and do not go on vacations when they are not swimming in cash. But, for the most part, receiving financial assistance for tuition is no bar to going on vacations.

We have been very fortunate to successfully navigate the Great Recession, but so many people who are close to us have not fared quite so well.

I've never understood the vacation mentality when things are tight financially. Sure, I do understand the desire for some down time, and relaxation in a beautiful setting. I like that, too.

I'm just perplexed that in this terrible economy, there is a mad rush to go on vacations -- especially since we already live in a place that many people view as a prime vacation spot.

Oh, well... What do I know? Summer vacation is apparently considered to be a mandate from G-d. I guess that the 11th Commandment must be "If you find yourself lacking money for school tuition, thou shalt immediately start planning your next vacation!"

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